1. Booking conditions.
1.1 The minimum booking term for Spring Bank Holiday is 3 nights & August Bank Holiday weekend is 3 nights. All other advanced bookings are a minimum of 2 nights.
1.2 All Bank Holiday weekend bookings require payment in full at time of booking.
1.3 The balance payment for all bookings (excluding Bank Holiday weekends) must be paid at least 28 days prior to your arrival date. If we do not receive the balance payment, by this time, we reserve the right to cancel your booking.
1.4 All bookings (excluding Bank Holiday weekends) are required to pay £30.00 deposit per unit, per week, at time of booking (applies to any booking made more than 28 days prior to arrival). All bookings made within 28 days of arrival are payment in full, at time of booking.
1.5 All payments are non-refundable, once made. 
1.6 We do not give refunds for stays which are cut short by a guest for any reason, including inclement weather. 
1.7 We accept bookings for arrival on any day of the week.
1.8 It is your responsibility to ensure that your accommodation unit including awnings, guy lines and annex's fit within the pitch size you have booked. If you have any doubt, we would advise that you book a bigger pitch or check the size of your unit on the internet, prior to booking. If the unit is bigger than the pitch booked or is pitched in a manner that limits access to another pitch, you will be required to re-pitch the unit or move to another part of the site which can accommodate the pitch size needed for your unit (subject to availability). All caravan, motor home and camper van prices include an awning.
1.9 Check in is from 1.00 pm – 6.00 pm (earlier or later check in is by prior arrangement only). The main entrance gates are locked between 11.00pm & 7.00am for security purposes (excluding emergency vehicles). There is monitored pedestrian access to the site, 24 hours a day.
Please make sure you arrive or have your vehicle back on site before 11.00 pm, as after this time, no vehicle will be granted access to the site.
If you may need to leave the site before 7.00 am, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance, so we can advise you of your options.
1.10 All pitches must be vacated by 11.00 am on day of departure (late check out may incur an extra cost, for availability, please phone).
1.11 Visitors are allowed on the site, but numbers must be limited and we must be informed of visitors, prior to accessing the site! 
1.12 We can only take on-line bookings from individuals, couples or families. 
1.13 Please ensure you read our Covid-19 update, prior to your arrival. 
1.14 We do not accept on line bookings for single sex groups, stag or hen parties, Duke of Edinburgh groups, clubs or rallies, please telephone us for more information & conditions.
1.15 We reserve the right to refuse entry, cancel a booking or terminate a holiday (without a refund) if in the opinion of the management or staff a booking has been made using false information or the behaviour of an individual or individuals may compromise the enjoyment or safety of another visitor or staff member.
1.16 In placing this booking, you agree that if a dispute or disagreement occurs, the decision of the management or staff in settling any such dispute or disagreement is final and that you agree to the management or staff using any means at their disposal to bring to an end any such dispute or disagreement.
1.17 You may cancel your booking at any time, but we do not refund any deposits or balances already paid. We need to be advised of your cancellation by E-mail or letter. We strongly advise you to take out your own cancellation insurance policy. If you cancel your holiday at least 14 days prior to your arrival date and we can re-let the space you have booked, in certain circumstances we may be able to carry the balance of your booking onto a future date, within the same season. Please call for more information.
1.18 Any alteration or cancellation to a booking may incur a £10.00 admin fee. Any balance carried forward may be affected by this.

 2.  Information.
2.1 You are required to refrain from any form of anti-social behaviour including loud music, bad language, drunkenness, drug use, noise late at night or aggression of any kind towards our staff or another visitor, whilst on site or in the surrounding area.
2.2 Please drive slowly at all times when on the site (max 10 mph) especially when driving through gateways. Remember that children may be playing anywhere on the site and may appear suddenly.
2.3 The entrance gates are locked between 11.00 pm – 7.00 am. There is no vehicle movement allowed on site, during these times.
2.4 You may only use dipped headlights on site after dark.
2.5 If you have extra people coming to stay with you, but not for the whole stay, you can arrange this on a day to day basis, direct with us at reception.
2.6 All our toilet, shower and indoor facilities are open, (subject to any relevant Welsh Government Corona virus restrictions).
2.7 If you have booked an electric hook-up pitch, please pitch your accommodation to the left of the pitch as you look at it, to comply with fire regulations. If you have any questions, please inquire with reception.
2.8 Wetsuits, surfboards, sports or beach equipment should be rinced using the wetsuit wash area.
2.9 We do not allow any form of fire on the ground. You can use an enclosed fire pit or chimanea (may not be allowed during hot, dry weather conditions) as long as it does not emit sparks or embers. Guests should only burn specially manufactured campfire,heat or fire logs, which are safer. 
2.10 You may use BBQ’s as long as they are off the ground. Please make sure they are completely cold before leaving them unattended or placing them in the rubbish bins. You can cool the charcoal or ash down using cold water.
2.11 Please place all your rubbish in the bins provided.
2.12 If you wish to play music, video games or watch television, we would ask you to keep the volume low at all times, so as not to disturb the people around you.
2.13 We do not allow any music on the site after 10.00 pm.
2.14 All dishes must be washed within your own accommodation or in our washing up room. NOT under the drinking water taps on the site.
2.16 Please dispose of grey water in the chemical disposal at the toilet block or motor home point. Do not pour grey water down the drains at the water taps.
2.17 Please keep your pitch clean and tidy and check it prior to departing. Do not leave anything on your pitch which may cause damage to our ground care equipment or someone else’s vehicle.
2.18 Bicycles are allowed on the site, as long as they are used in a safe and controlled way. Anyone found riding dangerously or irresponsibly will be required to stop using their bike immediately.
2.19 Please park your accommodation as instructed and comply with social distancing regulations. Please respect the privacy of other guests.
2.20 If you wish to fly a kite, please be aware of overhead electric cables. Please ask a member of staff for advice as to the safest place to fly it.
2.21 We do not allow fireworks or Chinese lanterns to be used on site at any time. You should refrain from using anything that has a potential fire hazard to yourself, other guests or their accommodation.
2.22 Do not tamper with the fire bells and extinguishers. They are there for your safety. They should only be used in the event of an emergency. If you see anyone tampering with these, please let us know as soon as possible.
2.23 The broadband speed for the site Wi-Fi is governed by an outside provider. The speed and signal strength is dependent on external factors and may be temperamental. The Wi-Fi is available site wide, but the ability to receive a signal can be affected by the type of accommodation you have or the type of hardware or software you are using. Some accommodation units have a certain type of insulation, which can affect the ability to receive the signal inside the accommodation. We regret, we cannot be held responsible for problems of this type.
2.24 Please keep all personal possessions and valuables out of site or locked in the boot of your car when you go out. Please do not leave your possessions unattended at any time. The management and staff of Kennexstone Camping & Touring park accept no liability for the safety or security of any item or possession belonging to a guest or their visitors.

3. Dogs
3.1 Dogs must always be kept on a short lead or tether when on site.
3.2 Dogs must not be left unattended at any time.
3.3 Please make sure your dog does not cause damage or disturbance to the site or another visitor.
3.4 Please be aware that even though you may think your dog poses no danger to anyone, some adults and children are afraid of dogs and require your consideration.
3.5 If you wish to exercise your dog, please use the dog walking area or walk them off site.
3.6 You must always clean up after your pet. If they poop, you scoop!! There is a bin at the entrance to the dog walking area or use the bins on site. Please make sure you bring enough dog poop bags with you, for your stay.
The following information is not intended to discourage you from enjoying walking in the countryside, it is to enable you to enjoy it in a more informed way.
If you take your dog for a walk in the countryside, please be aware of the animals around you, especially cows with calves. They see dogs as predators and may well attack them and you, if you are holding your dog. If you think this is likely to happen, the safest course of action for you and your dog is to let the dog go. The dog has the chance to escape and the cows are most likely to concentrate on the dog, not you.
Most people are not aware that if your dog is worrying or chasing sheep, it is a criminal offense and anyone seeing this has the legal right to shoot your dog.
Please be aware of your surroundings, close gates after you and follow the Countryside Code and enjoy your holiday to the full!
3.7 Making a booking implies that you are aware that you are booking onto a pet friendly site. This means that you may come into contact with dogs or other pets during your stay and that there is a possibility that this may cause you varying levels of disturbance or distress.
3.8 Booking implies that you accept that the management or staff cannot be held responsible for the action of every pet owner or their pets, during your stay.

4. Definitions.
4.1 Camper vans are normally up to 5.5 m long (VW camper, Vito, Bongo, etc.). Some camper vans may be longer and need a larger pitch, so should be treated as a motor home.
4.2 Motor homes are any vehicle that is coach built and normally has it's own on-board facilities.
4.3 The pitch size you book, must be a large enough space to pitch the accommodation unit you bring including awnings, guy lines and annex's. If you exceed this pitch size, there may be an extra charge up to the size of the space used or you may have to move to another part of the site that can accommodate your unit.
4.4 Booking a pitch implies that you are fully aware of the size of pitch you need and that you have checked that your unit including awnings, guy lines and annex’s will fit within the booked pitch size. 
4.5 Each tent pitch booked is allowed 1 car on site with it (excluding back packer or cyclist pitches, which do not include a car). At busy times, we may not be able to allow extra cars onto site, as often the extra cars take up more space than the tent they are booked with. For more information, give us a call! 
4.6 If you have booked an electric hook-up pitch, all accommodation units should be pitched on the left hand side of the pitch as you look at it. Caravans should have the hitch facing away from the back of the pitch (foreign caravans may differ). Motor homes and camper vans should be facing away from the back of the pitch and trailer tents and folding campers should be pitched in the same way. You are not allowed to pitch across the back of the pitch. 
4.7 The pitch you have booked is a defined area. Please do not allow guy ropes to cross onto the adjacent pitches.
4.8 You should always check that what you have booked for, including your accommodation unit, awning and car or cars can fit onto the electric hook-up pitch booked. If in doubt, give us a call!
4.9 Booking as a single person, confirms that you are traveling on your own and not as part of a group.
4.10 Booking as a couple confirms that you are any 2 people in a relationship and not part of a group.
4.11 Booking as a family confirms that you are at least 1 parent and a related child or children under 18 years old. If this does not cover your family group, please call us with details, prior to booking.
If you are booking with friends, please inform us of this, as if in our opinion we believe that a group of people have booked separately as singles, couples or families, and joined together as a group on site, we reserve the right to require that any number of persons up to the total number of people in the group, leave the site immediately (without refund).
4.12 You are required to pitch your accommodation on the pitch, or in the position that you have booked or been advised to pitch on by a member of staff. You are not allowed to pitch your accommodation on any other pitch. By placing a booking, you confirm that you have given us the right to move your accommodation, if it is pitched in a way that causes inconvenience to the site staff or another guest.
4.13 If we have to move your accommodation, you confirm that you relinquish the right to claim liability against the site, staff, management or owners for any damage or inconvenience caused by or during the move.

5. Children.
We are a child friendly site and want your children to experience the countryside and have as much fun as possible whilst staying on site, but please be aware:
5.1 Parents/Carers are responsible for the behaviour of their children whilst on site.
5.2 Parents/Carers will be liable for the cost of any damage caused by their children.
5.3 Bicycles should be ridden within view of the parent / guardian at all times.
5.4 Please monitor your children’s use of the drinking water taps and make sure taps are not left running or the ground soaked around them. 
5.5 Please make sure your children do not play in the farm yard and buildings, at any time. Also make sure they understand that they should keep away from tractors and farm machinery. It can be particularly difficult to see a young child from the seat of this type of machinery.
5.6 Please make sure that your children are back with your family, at your pitch or accommodation by 10.00 pm.
5.7 If your child is playing ball games, please make sure they play in an open area away from other guests and their accommodation.
5.8 Please don’t let your children cause damage to other people’s property or disturbance to other guests.
5.9 Children under 7 years old, should be accompanied when using water taps.
5.10 Children must not be allowed to play out of your site, or wonder unaccompanied around the site.                                                                                                                                                                                5.11 Young children should be accompanied by an adult when using the facilities block.

6. Our company details.

Our regested company address:-

Kennexstone Leisure Ltd

T/A Kennexstone Camping & Touring Park

Long Meadow




01792 386790


VAT Number :- 862 9804 88

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