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Cheriton (formerly known as Cherry Town) is one of the smallest hamlets on the Gower peninsula and takes its name from a time, now long ago, when cherry trees grew in abundance in the area. Its diminutive size, however, belies the village's rich history and varied natural habitat. It also possesses St. Cadoc's Church (around which most of the hamlet's history revolves), which is generally accepted as the most beautiful of Gower's many medieval churches.

A particular favourite walk from Cheriton, chosen from the many available here to the enthusiastic rambler, can be followed from the stone style located at the rear of the cottage opposite the church. From this old style, the footpath leads through the length of Cheriton Valley, following the Burry Pill stream (where otters used to frequent in their search for trout), and passes the remains of several ancient and sunken roads in what truly is a most beautiful and rewarding walk to Stembridge.


  • The Gower : Cheriton
    The Gower : Cheriton

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