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Langland Bay

Due to its proximity to Swansea, Langland is one of the more popular beaches in Gower. Compared to other bays on the peninsula, Langland cannot exactly be described as having picturesque surroundings, but its wide stretch of flat, clean sand, plus the fact that it has a lifeguard patrol during the summer months, makes this beach perfect bucket and spade territory. It is also a favourite haunt amongst local surfers.

There are two unique features to Langland Bay - the rows of green beach huts that are leased for the season by Swansea City Council and the large mock-gothic mansion that looks out magnificently over the sea from the middle section of the beach. This rather magnificent and imposing building was built circa 1850 as a summer villa for Henry Crawshay, son of a Merthyr Tydfil iron-master. Later enlarged to form a hotel, the mansion is now used as a convalescent home.

For those after something a little more invigorating than an afternoon soaking up the summer sun, there is an excellent 2.5 kilometre cliff walk east to Mumbles, which is suitable for families, and a slightly rougher cliff walk west to Caswell - 2.5 kilometres to the west.

The bay and surrounding area's name is a corruption of " Long Land " - a reference to the way the farming land here used to be divided into long field strips.

The eastern end of the bay, separated by a brief spur of rock, is known as Rotherslade. This beach only exists separately from Langland at high tide.

  • Gower Beaches : Langland Bay
    Gower Beaches : Langland Bay

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