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Limeslade Bay

The third of Mumbles' small coves, Limeslade is a distinctly stony Gower beach. What the bay lacks for in sand, however, it certainly makes up for in fascinating geology - which has a character distinct from that of its sister cove, Bracelet Bay, despite lying but a few seconds walk from it.

At the head of the bay, near the roadside, is an old iron ore mine that is believed to have been worked as far back as Roman times. The mine was closed in 1890 and has now been sealed behind a wall of cemented limestone blocks.

From here, the fine South Gower coast path begins - surely the finest way to explore the wealth of scenery that stretches westwards from this point towards the might of the Atlantic Ocean.

The bay is easily reached by road, with car parking facilities, refreshments and etc. all shared with those of Bracelet Bay .

  • Gower Beaches : Limeslade Bay
    Gower Beaches : Limeslade Bay

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