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A small and quiet village, Llanmadoc once supported both a bustling weaving and farming community. Still resoundingly picturesque, Llanmadoc of yesteryear must really have been a stunningly beautiful place in which to wander and take in the scenery. Perhaps a little of how the village once appeared can still be appreciated by visiting St. Fagan's Museum of Welsh Rural Life, near Cardiff, as they removed both a wool factory and a farmstead of the time from here to painstakingly reconstruct it brick by brick for posterity on their grounds.

Climbing the ridge of Llanmadoc Hill - which affords excellent views over the neighbouring hamlets of both Llanmadoc and Cheriton, as well as holding a gorgeous panoramic sweep towards all four corners of the Gower Peninsula - the strange earthwork construction known at the Bulwark can easily be identified. This was an Iron Age hillfort enclosure (see Castles) and is the second largest construction of its kind in Gower (the largest being that of Cilifor, in Llanrhidian). Originally designed to hold cattle and other livestock, the site was later adapted and fortified to protect the entire community at times of war. Two further such earthwork constructions can be visited at the height of another of Llanmadoc's numerous hills, that of Harding's Down. Llanmadoc Hill itself also hold at least 14 Bronze age cairns . Although many now lie broken and/or overgrown, the Great Cairn still makes for quite an impressive sight.

  • The Gower : Llanmadoc
    The Gower : Llanmadoc

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