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Llanmorlais is a village settlement, spreading inland from the Burry Estuary, and usually associated with Crofty. It is now home to the dwindling cockling industry that is more familiarly linked with Penclawdd. Formerly known as Glasmorleys and Glanmorlais, the village started life as a small row of cottages along the Morlais stream. With the opening of numerous coal pits, however, it was not long before the village grew into quite a sizeable population.

Llanmorlais was the terminus of the North Gower Railway that ran from here to Gowerton. Remains of the railway bed can still be traced in the area but it is now largely overgrown. The area had a petrol station/village shop until the close of the 20th Century. This was located at the Post Office letter box which marks the start of the footpath to Crofty Park (children's playground located on the estuary). The village has a small Baptist chapel - Tirzah, located towards the centre of the locale.


  • The Gower : Llanmorlais
    The Gower : Llanmorlais

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