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Pennard Church

The origins of Pennard Church are steeped in mystery but what is known is that the church was originally located next to Pennard Castle, on the high ground overlooking the magnificent sweep of Three Cliffs bay. A tiny fragment of this original building can still be seen today, protuding from the manicured green behind the castle on land that now forms part of the Pennard Golf course.

It was believed that the Church was relocated to today's more inland location after both the original church and Pennard Castle became besanded sometime in the early 16th Century. this theory, however, was turned on its head when parts of the current church were dated as far back as the 13th Century. This discovery means that Pennard once possessed two churches, the current church, dedicated to St. Mary, obviously having flourished with the closure of its coastal counterpart.

  • Pennard Church
    Pennard Church

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